HIT FC Fitness Centre

Client: HIT FC Fitness Centre Liverpool. Project: Our client approached Apex Apparel to do a full merchandise roll out through out the HIT FC centre. With the main aim to increase brand awareness and create an additional revenue stream for the company in re selling there branded merchandise to all there members. Once the project had been confirmed. Apex started the design process ensuring all mock up's met the brand standards before we started full production.  
Product's manufactured for HIT FC: Sleeveless Singlet's both for men and women. T Shirts both for men and women. Children T shirts. Women's Leggings. Hoodies both for men and women. Snap back with embroidery. Gym towel with embroidery. We produced and manufactured all this within 3 weeks of the order, we allowed for our clients to offer pre sales on there stock. This project was a huge success for our client selling out in the first week of there launch.